Aiming for a new generation of optics!

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About us

Who we are

Started at the university of Bern in late 2014, we are a team of four scientists with backgrounds in laser physics and engineering. We work as a dedicated team and are bound by long-standing relationships!

What we do

The vision of AME is to revolutionize both the development and fabrication process of optical components for Terahertz radiation. We aim to provide our customers with high-performing products to build the next generation of medical, imaging and quality control instruments. We develop and manufacture these optical components in a radically new way.

Our Products

We are still in the development process, but you can find concept drawings of our products here !

gold plated mirror
Gold plated mirror
Wave absorber

The Team

The founding team consists of four people with a background in physics and engineering. We are currently enrolled and have earned degrees from different Swiss universities. We are a highly motivated and aligned team, connected by long- standing relationships!

The team
Leandro von Werra, Adrian Ryser, Florian Reinhard & Philippe Raisin

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